5 tips to keep in mind before you buy Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator in India

If you’ve decided to buy best portable oxygen concentrator in India then you must  read the following points to consider before moving forward with the plans.

Battery Backup: A portable oxygen concentrator is a battery-powered machine that can be recharged. Each concentrator model has a different battery backup depending on the device’s compressor.

You must choose an oxygen concentrator with a battery backup time of at least 4 hours. For patients who spend the majority of their day outdoors,  you may consider the option of buying an extra battery offered by most of the brands.

Size and Weight: Portable oxygen concentrators are built to fit into a shoulder strap or to be dragged by a rolling cart, enabling patients to carry them with them outside their house.

As you have to carry the device with you wherever you go, even a weight reduction of 200 grammes will make a difference. Therefore,  you should seek for the concentrator that is the lightest and smallest.

Flow Method: Pulse or Continuous: Portable concentrators are available in two variants, depending on the method of oxygen delivery:

Pulse mode: Every portable oxygen concentrator is equipped with smart technology that delivers oxygen only when the patient inhales. This conserves the device’s battery, that otherwise would have been used up while delivering oxygen during exhalation as well.

Pulse and continuous mode: A few companies manufacture advanced portable oxygen concentrators that can deliver oxygen in both pulse and continuous flow mode. That is, patients can switch the mode of oxygen delivery as per their convenience.

Patients who breathe through their mouths while sleeping or those with sleep apnea should go for a portable oxygen concentrator that has both modes.

FAA Approval: The coolest thing about this type of oxygen concentrator is that it helps patients to continue living a socialized lifestyle while you are on supplemental oxygen. If you enjoy travelling, you should get a concentrator that has been approved by the FAA.

The device’s certification by the Federal Aviation Administration assures that it is lawful to be carried on a plane. To be precise, if your portable oxygen concentrator has received FAA certification, you may fly with it.

You can read more about the best portable oxygen concentrator in India in our in-depth post. All of the devices on this list have been authorised by the FAA!

Carry mode: Portable oxygen concentrators can be carried in a carry bag, backpack or roller cart. Usually, concentrators that weigh around 2-4 Kgs come in a carry bag and the ones that weigh more than 6 Kgs like Sequel Eclipse come on a roller cart. Before selecting a particular option, you must make sure that you are comfortable with the carry mode that is being offered.

These are all things to think about while purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator. Do not forget to read our write-up if you are looking for the best portable oxygen concentrators in India .

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