Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Ohio has legalized adult-use cannabis for adults older than 21. It may still be beneficial to apply for a medical marijuana license. Special benefits are available to medical cardholders when it comes to purchasing cannabis. Here are some reasons someone might apply for a MA Medical Cannabis Card.

Why Should You Apply For Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Many people assume that getting certified as a marijuana cardholder will not be of any benefit, especially since recreational cannabis has been legalized in MA. The cardholder can enjoy many advantages.

Save Money

Ohio has three taxes: an excise fee, a sales tax, and a tax on recreational cannabis. This totals 20 percent extra tax for a customer who uses recreational cannabis. These taxes are waived when you get a medical card. Even though the medical card’s annual registration fee is required, it’s quickly recouped because you don’t have any taxes to pay on every purchase.

Both Recreational and Medical Menus Are Available

Mass residents who hold a medical marijuana card can order from one of two menus: recreational or for medical purposes. Furthermore, the state requires dispensaries in Ohio to keep 35% of its entire inventory aside for medical patients. Because you are a cardholder, your needs will be more important than that of adult customers.

Higher Purchase Limits

Medical card holders have fewer purchase restrictions than recreational customers.

How do you get your Medical Marijuana Card?

Teleleaf is available to assist you in getting an Ohio medical marijuanas card. Each state with medical marijuana uses its regulations and programs. We have provided a guide for Ohio.

Step 1: Visit an Ohio Approved Physician

A physician approved by Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program will verify that you have one or more serious health conditions that allow you to use medical cannabis. The physician will create a profile for you in the program’s Patient & Caregiver Registry. They will also request proof of residency.

If you need an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles-issued ID that matches your current Ohio residence, you will need three forms of additional documentation. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website contains a list of acceptable documentation.

Step 2: Create Your Registry Password

After approval for the program, an activation email will be sent to you with a link and URL to your online portal at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. This link can only be accessed once and will remain active for 90 days after receiving it. After clicking on the link, you must create your registry username and password.

After you can access your online portal for patient care, you’ll need to check the following information to confirm accuracy.

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Residence address
  • They verified and corrected the number

This information will be accessed at every dispensary visit and will be checked.

Step 3: Complete the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registration Form

To activate your medical cannabinoid card, you’ll need to pay the registration fee. This can be done by logging into your patient portal.

Step 4: Get Your Ohio Medical Certificate

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy doesn’t issue any physical medical cannabis cards. Once you have paid the registration fee, your card can be printed and used to visit dispensaries.

Step 5: Your First Ohio Dispensary Experience

Once you have your Ohio medical cannabis card, you can go to any dispensary licensed by the state.

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