How To Get Ripped For Men

Posted on Oct 30 2014 - 4:19pm by Phillip Nguyen

Most guys would love to have the chiseled abs, rounded shoulders and sculpted chest of the guys who grace the cover of fitness magazines. A body like this is synonymous with strength, power, and raw sensuality. Women will find you more attractive, and men will envy you.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get into this kind of shape. It takes a ton of hard work, a strict diet, and will power that most simply cannot muster up. Our bodies are designed to store fat as a survival mechanism. Throughout our evolution, those who were able to store body fat were able to survive long winters when food was scarce.

Being lean offered no advantage in the way of survival. Now things have changed; food is plentiful for most of us, and our body’s uncanny ability to store fat is not exactly a benefit.

how to get ripped for menHow To Get Ripped For Men

As far as your body is concerned, saving some fat for a ‘rainy day’ is a good thing. If you get stranded on an island with no food for weeks, it could be the difference between surviving and starving to death.

The problem is, we’re not stranded on islands; we’re surrounded by food all the time, and what we want is to peel that stubborn layer of ‘security’ off of our midsections and reveal the lean muscle tissue that’s hidden beneath it.

How can you make this happen? That’s pretty simple; it all comes down to diet, exercise and perseverance. You need all three, if one is missing, getting ripped will only be a dream, and hover just out of reach.

How To Get Ripped For Men – Diet

This is the hardest part for most people. Eating chicken and broccoli might be healthy, but it’s also boring, especially when there’s some leftover lasagna in the fridge. If you want the chiseled ‘magazine cover’ physique, you have to make sacrifices. When everyone is out having pizza, you’ll be home eating a high protein – low carbohydrate meal.

This won’t be easy, and is the very reason why so few who set out to get ripped meet their goals. Spending week after week eating the same foods over and over takes a lot of self control, and for most people it’s just not worth it. That’s the reason there are 10 beer bellies for every set of ripped abs you see at the beach.

How To Get Ripped For Men – Exercise

Stored fat is your body’s calorie reserves. To burn as many of those calories as possible, you’ll have to exercise…a lot. Twenty minutes three times per week might be okay for a soccer mom just trying to stay at a size 12, but for getting ripped it’s not going to cut it. You will need to exercise for 30-60 minutes 5-6 times per week.

Some will need 7 days per week to get there. Remember, your body doesn’t want to let go of those last few pounds of fat. You have to force them off through sheer commitment.
Most men will never see their abs; and that’s what makes getting ripped that much more satisfying.

You are succeeding where so many others have failed. You have what it takes, and have proven it to yourself and the world. If that’s a feeling you want to have, it’s time to ‘take action’ and go for it!

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