The Best Christmas Gifts for Sporty Friends and Family

Hey guys! It’s MorningStar Vaber here to remind you that the holidays are fast approaching, so we’re running out of time to get those gifts bought and shipped to friends and family. If they’re the type who loves running around things more than running out of things, pick up one of these athletic accessories.

A Smartwatch

Wearable tech might feel like it’s pointless, but the features of a FitBit and other models are actually great for enhancing a fitness routine. Biometric data like how far you move and your heart rate can help identify fitness patterns that you might not have noticed, like an interrupted sleeping pattern or certain activities pushing your body further than others. Once it gets to know you, a FitBit may tell you when you’re likely to need a bit of extra time meditating to remain calm, if you’re experiencing a sudden change in your biometrics, and help achieve habitual change with daily goals linked to its tracking.

Suspension Trainers

Getting a bunch of weights for a home workout setup can be overly expensive, and they take up a bunch of space. Suspension trainers just need stable anchor points and a little bit of space to make your body weight the resistance for your workout in ways that are hard to do with normal exercises like jumping jacks or pushups. Since they’re lightweight and easy to setup, they are great for students in dorm rooms or cramped spaces that want to keep every bit of space available.

Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds that need to be lodged in your ear can be uncomfortable, over-ear headphones are too hot for exercising, and anything with a wire is a pain. That’s why I like these earbuds from Skullcandy. They have an ear clip and earbud combination that are perfect for being able to hear your music over the sounds of a busy gym, plus it lets you talk to your connected device. They’re also some of the most durable and long-lasting wireless earbuds with an IP55 environmental endurance rating and almost 2 days of battery on a full charge.

An Exercise Partner

More than anything you can buy, your presence and companionship are the best accessories for exercising. It’s not always easy to fit everything into a full schedule, so making a point to go for a walk, a run, or a gym visit with a friend can show that you care while motivating you both to get more fitness into your routine. If you’ve both been talking about stepping up an existing fitness routine, it’s sure to be a gift that keeps on giving. Don’t feel bad if they say no, either. Some people prefer working out by themselves, but they will still appreciate the offer.

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