Tips To Ace Your 8 Loop During Your Two-Wheeler Licence Test

Obtaining a two-wheeler license is a significant milestone for any rider. However, the road to acquiring this privilege involves passing a rigorous driving test, which often includes challenging manoeuvres like the 8-loop. Navigating this figure-eight pattern can be daunting, but with the proper guidance and preparation, success is well within reach. This guide will share valuable tips and insights on acing the 8-loop during your two-wheeler license test. Additionally, we’ll explore the importance of two-wheeler insurance online, including renewing bike insurance and the benefits of third-party bike insurance. 

Detailed Instructions For Taking 8 On A Bike

On a two-wheeler, you must have good balance and bike control to perform a figure eight. The steps to improving your riding skills are as follows:

Step 1: Decrease your speed and approach the task at a moderate pace.

Step 2: To maintain momentum, move your weight to the inside of the turn.

Step 3: Control the throttle and gently lean the bike towards the turn.

Step 4: Start straightening the bike and shifting your weight to the other side as soon as you finish the first part of figure 8.

Step 5: While keeping throttle control, slowly lean the bike into the second half of the manoeuvre.

Step 6: Continue performing the previous actions until the figure 8 is finished.

Typical Errors And Ways To Prevent Them

Here are some typical errors made when taking an 8 on a bike, along with tips for avoiding them.

Oversteering: This is when you turn the handlebar of your bike too much, which causes the bike to topple over. Make sure your turns are controlled and smooth to avoid making this error.

Understeering: Understeering results from not turning the handlebar to the proper angle, which makes the bike ride straight rather than bend. Turn the handlebar just enough to negotiate the turn to avoid making this error. 

Advice For Passing The Two-Wheeler Driving Exam

  • Study The Rules And Regulations

You must thoroughly understand the dos and don’ts of driving before you leave to take the driving test. It entails being aware of road signs, speed limits, traffic signals, and other regulations.

  • Practice, Practice and Practice

It becomes easier for you to overcome obstacles with practice. Make sure you rehearse in a safe setting before the riding test. Concentrate on riding in a straight line, stopping and starting. Additionally, familiarise yourself with various terrains to improve control.

  • Get Your Two-Wheeler Ready

Your two-wheeler must be in good working order for the driving test, so check the tires, brakes, and lights. A clean and well-maintained bike boosts confidence.

As you prepare for this challenge, remember the significance of safeguarding your ride and yourself with proper two-wheeler insurance online. Whether you renew or choose third-party bike insurance, two-wheeler insurance provides peace of mind on your journey as a responsible rider. So, as you embark on your two-wheeler license journey, combine these tips for success with the security that vehicle insurance offers, ensuring a triumphant test and a safe and protected ride on the open road.*

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