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Missing teeth can lead to all sorts of problems from the purely cosmetic— being that it can lead to poor self-esteem— to actual health risks, as it can lead to poor oral health. Therefore, for many people the answer to missing teeth is implants or implant dentures Eau Claire. Read on for more specifics on Implant Dentistry Eau Claire and the remarkable difference dental implants can have not only on your appearance but your health as well:

Implant Dentures

If you are missing teeth, especially if you are missing more than a few, you might assume that dentures are your only option. Unfortunately, wearing traditional dentures can be a bit challenging and even make basic functions (like chewing) difficult. Thankfully, Implant Dentures Eau Claire implants a supported set of dentures right into the jawbone. This offers an immensely better option than traditional dentures when it comes to chewing and even speaking. There are fixed and removable options for denture implants and which works best for you will depend greatly on personal preference as well as the condition of your jawbone.

Are You a Good Candidate For Implant Dentures?

To be considered a good candidate for this type of tooth replacement, your jaw should be able to accommodate and support the dentures. If you don’t have adequate bone or health in that area, you can try bone grafts to help add density and volume to those areas.

Implant Dentistry: Replacing a Missing Tooth With an Implant

Dental implants Eau Claire are a solution to missing permanent teeth. The dental implant itself is inserted via a rod or fixture, replacing the tooth root in essence creating a fully functioning and natural looking tooth. After an implant, care of your implanted tooth will be similar to your natural teeth. Dental implants have been specifically designed to look and function like natural teeth. This means you can eat, smile, and pretty much live life as you would with a completely natural tooth. The techniques used for implant dentistry Eau Claire are evolving and the innovation in this industry has led to some wonderful options for tooth loss that are virtually pain-free.

Why You Should Consider Implants

In addition to the obvious look of a missing tooth and wanting to correct that cosmetic issue, there are other important reasons you might consider replacing a missing tooth with an implant. The following are just a couple to consider:

  • Prevents Shifting: Missing teeth allow space that can cause surrounding teeth to shift. This can create all sorts of oral pressures and cause formally healthy and stable teeth to become unstable. It can also lead to bone loss over time.
  • Improves Function: Another benefit of dental implants are the fact that they allow for better tooth function, mainly improved chewing. This helps you digest your food better and cuts down on embarrassing mishaps with partials or dentures coming out.

Components of a Dental Implant, Contact us Today

Consider dental implants as a way to replace missing teeth and restore tooth appearance and functionality. The implant is made up of three parts, the fixture that is attached to your jawbone. This serves as the artificial tooth root. The second part is the abutment, which is situated at the gum line. This supports the dentures, bridge or crown that is placed on top. The prosthesis itself is the final part and is the part of the implant that looks like a natural tooth. With crowns or bridges, this is usually screwed in or cemented, and with dentures is a clipped or snapped. Contact us today to learn more about implant teeth Eau Claire today. This can be the solution you have been waiting for!

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